Month: April 2010

Apr 27
Recovering From Retro Roadkid Visit :-)

While we had a swell going on all sorts of fun vintage adventures with the Retro…

Apr 22
Retro Roadkids Heading to Pennsylvania for Retro RoadFun!

I’ve got tons of places to add to the Retro Roadmap but they’ll have to…

Apr 15
John Margolies Roadside America NYC – we made it !

Retro Roadhusband and I made perfect time to NYC last night for the John Margolies…

Apr 13
We LOVE Retro Roadmap Reader Recommendations!

I just got a swell report from a Retro Roadmap Reader regarding a place that would be…

Apr 13
Disney’s Cars Movie – Route 66 Retro Family Road Trip Inspiration!

Retro Roadhusband and I are pretty much the only kids in our house, so it took a while…

Apr 11
[CLOSED] 92 Year Old Freda Hirsch’s Market – A Treat in Phoenixville PA!

Update February 25, 2016 – We are sad to report that Freda Hirsch has passed…

Apr 09
[CLOSED] NYC’s Empire Diner To Close- booooooo!

Wow, the good news about NYC Retro Roadmap fun comes just in time to salve the…

Apr 07
Photos From Retro Roadkid Saturday – A Success!

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend with the Retro Roadfamily up in Massachusetts…


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