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Roxy Movie Theatre Northampton PA – Best Unexpected Roadside Find – Part 1

Posted on: October 28, 2010

I seriously had to pull over and catch my breath (and snap a photo) when I drove by the Roxy Theatre on Main Street in Northampton, PA – just north of Allentown. Even now my blood sugar levels are peaking just gazing at the photo of this fabulous vintage movie marquee and neon sign!

Roxy Theatre Northampton PA

It is this type of unexpected, glorious find that makes road trippers and suburban archeologists like myself drive through unfamiliar hamlets and visit sleepy little downtowns.

When I saw the sign for the Roxy looming ahead of me, unlit in the late afternoon light, I was astounded. When I saw that the theatre was still open, I was hopeful. And when I saw that a movie was going to start in a little while, I called Retro Roadhusband and let him know I would not be home for dinner!

I futzed around the area until dusk and as I drove past the theatre I noticed that the sign was not lit, but there was a line of folks gathering to buy their tickets.  I pulled into the free parking lot located right behind the theatre and headed up the alley towards the entrance. I was charmed to be behind an older couple, out on a hot date on a Saturday night, and bid them a good evening as I walked past them.

Going to The Roxy

What a treat was waiting for me as I turned that corner!

Roxy Theatre Closeup Northampton PA

The Neon was ablaze, not one light out, and the sign was in motion with flashing lights and neon. Oh how beautiful, especially at this dusky time of night. I could not stop myself from taking a jillion photos from every angle, across the street, right below it. I could not get enough.
Roxy Theatre Northampton PA - Marquee - Retro Roadmap
Glorious neon sign, check. Free parking, check. How about the fact that the tickets are THREE DOLLARS, yes just $3.00 to see a first run movie on the big screen. I took my dollar coin change from the nice lady in the booth and handed my ticket to the uniformed usher in the lobby.

Roxy Theatre Entrance Northampton PA

Once inside, thrilled that the interior was as lovingly well kept as the exterior, I admired the art deco design of the space, and promptly realized I needed to find the ladies room.

Roxy Theatre Northampton PA Art Deco Statuette

Little did I know that the dashing gentleman in the suit who directed me upstairs was in fact owner Richard Wolfe. He began kindly answering my questions, between greeting patrons, directing folks to the proper line at the snack bar, and selling gift certificates. When I told him a little about Retro Roadmap he was more than happy to allow me to snap some photos and gave me a wonderful history of the place.

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Roxy Theatre
2004 Main St
Northampton, PA 18067-1314
(610) 262-7699

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