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Please Send a Valentine To Milly – The Last Remaining Del Rubio Triplet

Posted on: February 2, 2011

While the focus of RetroRoadmap is primarily vintage retro and cool old places to go, I will always make an exception for something else cool and old and wonderful – like Milly, the last remaining Del Rubio Triplet.

Through my online friendship with kitsch queen Allee Willis I’ve come to learn more about this wonderful sister act that I first saw in 1988 on Pee Wee Herman’s Christmas Special:

Now there is only one Del Rubio sister left-  Milly – who will turn 90 this year(!).

Allee – who “discovered” the Del Rubios and brought them to a wider audience – is looking to get Milly showered with Valentines this upcoming February 14th.

I’ll be sending a Valentine for sure, and would love it if RetroRoadmap readers could also send some and make this Valentine’s Day extra special for Milly. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Click here to read Allee’s personal story of her life with the Del Rubio Triplets – from seeing them to the first time in 1985, to having them play at every party at her house, singing her song “Neutron Dance” and being their Number One fan ever since. There are some great photos and wonderful details, but here are a few excerpts to illustrate what special ladies these gals were.

They stayed up every night drinking one martini each and sewing their costumes, of which they had hundreds, all miniskirts or mini dresses, one nuttier and more fringe filled than the next.

Every night once the sewing was done they would plan new arrangements on their trusted toy Emenee organ, the keys of which had all been stuck for at least three years when I met them, the victim of a spilled jug of martinis. I asked them why they never cleaned the keys so the organ actually made some sound and they always assured me they “could hear it perfectly fine the way it was”.

I’ve written and worked with some amazing singers over the years, Bob Dylan, James Brown, Aretha, Cyndi Lauper, Patti LaBelle and Earth, Wind & Fire among them. But none swept me away with as much gusto as The Del Rubio Triplets.

We should all be blessed with such belief in self and joy for what we do.
(bolded by Mod Betty)

They never questioned their talent, never suffered a creative block, never got tired of performing for adoring audiences who greeted them with laughter, which they always said was “better than applause”.

So won’t you spend a little time, and make or buy a Valentine for this sweet lady who has brought joy and laughter into people’s lives for over 70 years?

Here’s the address-now you do the rest!

Milly, c/o Allee Willis
11684 Ventura Blvd Suite 430
Studio City, CA 91604

Write on the envelope that you’re a RetroRoadmap reader so Allee and Milly know we’re doing our part!

27 responses to "Please Send a Valentine To Milly – The Last Remaining Del Rubio Triplet"

  1. wendyvee Feb 02, 2011 at 21:10

    How sweet! I most definitely will!

    • Mod Betty / Feb 02, 2011 at 21:17

      I know, isn’t it touching? While I’m at it I’m going to send one to Phyllis Diller as well – she’s still hanging in there too!

      • wendyvee Feb 02, 2011 at 21:27

        My friends call my Phyllis because my hair often resembles one of her wigs when I take off my motorcycle helmet LOL

        BTW, I think that Johnny is already sick of my rendition of the “Neutron Dance” (which I’ve been I singing non-stop since I visited Allee’s site) 🙂

  2. wendyvee Feb 02, 2011 at 21:17

    Allee’s career has been amazing!

    • Mod Betty / Feb 02, 2011 at 21:19

      I know- isn’t she just the coolest? And what a collection of kitsch! Talk about a role model! 🙂

  3. thevintagetraveler Feb 03, 2011 at 09:03

    I’m going through my Valentines now to find the perfect one for her! Lizzie

  4. Debbie Feb 03, 2011 at 09:39

    What a great story, thanks for sharing. I had never heard of them. I’ll send her one.

    Happy valentines day to you all too.

  5. Mod Betty / Feb 03, 2011 at 10:12

    Thanks Lizzie and Debbie for getting into the spirit of things- I know if I were almost 90 I’d be touched by the gesture. Heck I’m half that age and I’m touched by it 🙂

  6. katie Feb 03, 2011 at 12:29

    Her hair is GORGEOUS! She looks so beautiful!

    • Mod Betty / Feb 03, 2011 at 12:35

      Katie, know – I hope I look that good when I’m her age! thanks for checking out the article and swinging by the RetroRoadmap!

  7. karyn zoldan Feb 03, 2011 at 13:26

    I can never hear the song Neutron Dance without thinking of these triplets.

    I loved how they were also wearing mini skirts or hot pants.

    I often wonder if the Triplets of Bellville were somehow modeled after the Del Rubio sisters?

    My valentine will be in the mail.

    • Mod Betty / Feb 03, 2011 at 13:27

      karyn = thank you for swinging by the Retroroadmap and sending an email to Milly – now you’ve got their version of Neutron Dance going through MY head!

  8. David S Feb 03, 2011 at 14:35

    LOVE that picture of Milly and Allee!

    • Mod Betty / Feb 03, 2011 at 14:36

      David, I KNOW aren’t they just the sweetest? You can tell through all the photos what a love Allee has for the Triplets. I’m so glad she discovered them and brought them to a wider audience, so we can all enjoy them too!

  9. arlee Feb 04, 2011 at 21:51

    I love the Del Rubio Triplets! I so remember them performing on Pee Wee Herman’s Show. Thank you for posting their story. Look for a large envelope from me and my second grade class! Happy Valentine’s Day one and all.

    Mrs. Ross Mesa AZ

    • Mod Betty / Feb 05, 2011 at 19:25

      Oh, Mrs Ross I am just over the moon envisioning your 2nd graders writing Valentines to Milly- that just warms my heart to no end on a cold foggy day here on the east coast. Also love that you’ll be sharing info about the Del Rubios with the kids, who probably can’t even imagine what it’s like to get old! So glad I was able to get the word out, and can’t wait to see how many Valentines Milly will receive – I sent ours yesterday. Happy Valentines Day and thanks for swinging by the RetroRoadmap!

  10. Aubs Feb 06, 2011 at 10:11

    A second grade class sending them? Well that is just the cutest! I’m working on drawing up one. Haven’t made a valentine in decades so I’m having a blast of it. Thanks again for sharing this!!!

  11. AdamH Feb 09, 2011 at 19:36

    Mailed my card today! 😀

    • Mod Betty / Feb 09, 2011 at 21:00

      Oh very cool Adam! I mailed mine earlier this week, with a Valentine for Allee as well, for coordinating all this. I’ll be waiting with bated breath (baited?) to hear how many cards Milly gets. Thanks so much for participating!

  12. AdamH Feb 18, 2011 at 09:29

    Any news on how many she got?

  13. DavidS Feb 18, 2011 at 09:34

    Allee wrote on her Facebook page; “Thank you all for the voluminous amounts of Valentines Day cards you sent to Milly Del Rubio. There were hundreds and hundreds of them and Milly was truly overwhelmed and very, very happy. Milly, Elena and Eadie used to exchange V-Day cards among themselves so each and every one of your cards was MOST APPRECIATED!”

  14. AdamH Feb 18, 2011 at 09:51

    I just hunted around on Allee’s site and found a blog post from the 11th saying Milly’d gotten hundreds of valentines. <3

  15. AdamH Feb 18, 2011 at 10:03

    Apparently we all had the same thought at the same time. 🙂 I didn’t see mine in the picture but it could have been any of the red ones whose writing was obscured. I got a good picture of it though for the 365 Objects In My Home group on FB to which I belong (and by which I heard of this site and this project), so I have that to remember. 🙂