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Memory Motel – Thank You For The Retro Road Trip Planning Help, American Road Magazine!

Posted on: March 1, 2011

I find the “where are we going to sleep?” part of planning a retro road trip to be the least fun part of all roadtrip preparation. While I want to champion the vintage retro and cool old places, some motels and hotels that opened with the best intentions years ago now just give me the willies!  You can see this by the small number of hotels and motels listed on the retroroadmaps- I’m very picky about where I stay, and even more concerned about recommending a place for others to spend the night.

Luckily we have a little bit of help with the Memory Motel department of American Road magazine to help us with some vintage motel suggestions.
Memory Motel American Road Magazine Rip Van Winkle Retro RoadmapAccording to the editors at American Road Magazine (which “celebrates our two-lane highways of yesteryear, and the joys of driving them today!)

Our Memory Motel department offers pleasant memories of days gone by and how you can recapture them. Be sure your car keys are close by because you might discover a little slice of heaven just around the bend!

I’m spending the evening looking at their list of Memory Motels which have been featured in the magazine over the years while I plan our rockin retro roadtrip to SXSW in Austin TX…we leave next week!

motelWish me luck! (and no judging me if we end up staying at chain hotels :-))

And if you have any tips or suggestions, please put them in the comments, I’m sure they’d help everyone who has to book a hotel / motel.