Month: September 2011

Sep 30
Rosedale Diner Postcard Print Mystery Gift at Work – Mystery Solved!

Lookit what was waiting for me this morning at my Corporate Cube- how cool! Now I just…

Sep 21
Mayflower Cafe Jackson MS in The Help – Another Retro Roadmap Worthy Location Featured in a Movie!

Mod Betty occasionally dips into the modern world-  to see a movie or something…

Sep 18
Vintage Vinyl Sundays w/ the Thrifty Discount DJs – Phoenixville is Lucky!

Somehow Sundays at The Hacienda have become vintage vinyl mornings. Quiet enough so I…

Sep 17
The Very Best (Closed 2015), Weitzenkorn’s, and a Vintage Pan Am Bag – the Pottstown Lattice of Coincidence

I totally dig the kismet of the internets sometimes- and our visit to The Very Best…

Sep 08
Diner Tour of Southern New Jersey – Only a Few Seats Left!

There’s still time to sign up for the Society of Commercial Archeology‘s…

Sep 06
Sad News – Papoo’s Hot Dog Show Since 1949 – Closed

Well you find things out in the darndest of ways sometimes, case in point that I…

Sep 03
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

My oh my where DID the summer go? Did I nod off for a few weeks? Seriously! Hope all…


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