Month: January 2012

Jan 28
Help! What Do You Want To Read About Next? Readers’ Choice

You know when you’re faced with a ton of options and you don’t know where…

Jan 26
Aloha! It’s a Tiki-tastic Week in January

Who knew that a trip to the post office in January could be such a tropical surprise?…

Jan 24
Mod Betty’s Embarrassing Confessesion – I Forget My States!

Driving behind this truck last fall, I realized with horror that even though I try to…

Jan 17
Back in the RRMP Saddle Again!

Hopefully everyone didn’t think that I perished under a pile of vintage Life…

Jan 09
Willow Grove Amusement Park Film Clip from Documentary

You never know what you’ll stumble upon during your lunch hour, and today…

Jan 08
RetroRoadmap HQ, Hoarders-Worthy? Organization Resolution for 2012

OK, I confess – I know I collect a lot of stuff, and I’ll admit Retro…

Jan 06
[CLOSED] Thomas Brothers Country Store Biglerville PA – This is IT!

2018 Update: Sadly, proprietrix Marion Thomas Harbaugh passed away in 2015 at age 91.…

Jan 01
New Year’s Eve Day at the Victrola Museum – Auld Lang Syne Recorded in 1912

Happy New Year Retro Roadmap Readers! This morning I donned my New Years Day apron,…


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