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Vintage Motel, Drive In Resto, Retro Bowling, Soda Fountain, Art! Brevard NC Rocks Retro Roadmap

Posted on: January 30, 2013

Since I wrote about the The Sunset Motel (a swell vintage motel being given a new lease on life) a number of folks have let me know that The Sunset is not the only Retro Roadmap worthy place in Brevard NC. And from our short but fun visit there, I totally concur! We were not able to spend enough time there to give each place a proper goin’s over, but I will say that I believe you could easily spend a thoroughly enjoyable Retro Roadmap weekend without ever leaving the corporate limits of this cute little town. Here’s why:


There’s a Drive In Restaurant!
The Cardinal Drive-In

Cardinal Drive In Restaurant Brevard NC

According to their Yelp page, The Cardinal was opened originally as a Sonic in 1978, but has been an independently owned restaurant in 1981. They have monthly vintage car shows May through September, and if you decide to eat in their dining area you can “call in” your order from one of the phones- how fun and funky is that?

And a Soda Fountain!
Rocky’s Soda Shop at DD Bullwinkel’s

Rocky's Grill & Soda Shop

Adjacent to the DD Bullwinkels general store, this retro’ed up soda fountain has been a Brevard NC tradition since 1942, according to their website. Though my photo above belies the hustle and bustle of the place when we were there, we had a fab grilled pimento cheese sandwich and coffee ice cream soda here when we stopped here to meet our fave vintage clothing blogger Fuzzie Lizzie, The Vintage Traveler. You can see some photos of our visit Rocky’s here at The Vintage Traveler.

Vintage shopping and thrifting opportunities!

Though we didn’t have enough time to check it all out, Fuzzie Lizzie has a swell writeup of her antique and vintage shopping excursion in Brevard.

Retro Road Art Gallery!
Drew Deane Gallery

Drew Deane Gallery Neon Sign

Lori at the Sunset Motel hepped us to this gallery, which opened on Main Street in 2006, in the location of the 1920s fire station. While it was closed during our short run through town a quick peer in the windows indicated that it was probably a good thing, as I don’t think we could have resisted some of the roadside inspired artwork on display:

Drew Deane Gallery Roadside Art

See what I mean? Isn’t that just right up Mod Betty’s artwork alley? And we’re already running out of wall space here at the Hacienda! Lori also let us know that artist and gallery owner Drew is also helping with the 1950s renovation of the local bowling alley- I can’t wait to hear more about that!


Vintage Movie Theatre!
Co-Ed Cinema

Co-Ed Movie Theatre

Transylvania County’s only movie theater- and a single screen one at that, built in the 1930s. Why Co-Ed? It became the Co-ed theater when  Brevard College became a co-educational school in 1934.  Here’s an interesting photo of the cinema, from 1986, when there was a different marquee and a building to the left of the movie theatre.

AND I just heard that there may be a doo wop festival here in June of 2013- what’s not to love?

Brevard NC – Retro Roadmap worthy!