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Times Square Cafe Edison Forced to Close – Lunch Mob to Protest! Sat Nov 8 Another Loss of Authentic America

Posted on: November 7, 2014

I rarely go on Twitter but tonight I’m glad I did, as I learned that the landmark Edison Cafe in New York City’s Times Square is being forced to close, to be replaced by (ugh) a “white-tablecloth restaurant with ‘a name chef,'” according to the NY Times. (and in linking to that article I learned that Smith’s Bar is suddenly shuttered as well. WTF people?!! CUT IT OUT!!!)

Photo source Scouting NY – a fabulous resource for NY architecture!

Though the cafe has “only” been open since 1980 (the quotes around the Only are because I keep on thinking that the 80s was just like last year…when in reality it was 34 years ago- another ugh) it is the last bastion of  authentic places in the increasingly chainified/suburbified/middelamericafied/Disnified Times Square area.

As kindred spirit Jeremiah Moss of Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York  says in his interview with the Wall Street Journal about the Cafe closing, “Cafe Edison is the last place in Times Square that any real New Yorker would dare step foot in,” – or any visitor who wants to have an actual authentic genuine real experience of being in New York, instead of feeling like their dining in Anywhere USA.

“Why will people want to visit New York City – or any other American city – if it feels like Every Other City in America with nothing but chain restaurants and mall stores?” – Mod Betty

Here’s a link to Jeremiah’s Moss’s Vanishing New York’s  heartbreaking news that the Cafe is closing


Photo courtesy of

Now Mod B hasn’t been there herself, having only learned last year about the Edison Cafe from another one of my fave NYC resources Scouting New York who goes into the history of this space as part of the grand dining room of the elegant Hotel Edison with fab photos. But that doesn’t mean I am not upset at this turn of events.



Yes, that’s right – Jeremiah has put together a “Lunch Mob” protest for tomorrow November 8 2014 for anyone and everyone who is upset about this closing and wants to show their support of the Cafe.

Here’s a link to the Facebook Invite for the Lunch Mob – sign up, show up! Eat, bring a sign, connect with like minded people, take photos, let NYC know that you don’t dig what is going on in the city that never sleeps. If we don’t tell them, who will?

Edison Cafe Lunch Mob Jeremiah Moss

Graphic snagged from the FB invite – all in the name of the cause!

Here’s the address – and if I can rearrange a ton of plans I will be there!

If not tomorrow, we’ll have a Retro Roadmap mini-mob some time before it closes.  🙁

Cafe Edison
228 W 47th St.
New York, NY 10036
(212) 840-5000

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