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Lake George, NY – A Fun Vintage Vacation Destination!

After all these years of saying I wanted to go to Lake George NY and partake in the vintage vacation wonderfulness, Retro Roadhusband and I spent a long weekend up there, just before Memorial Day Weekend. While some of the town has been modernized to keep with the times, there

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Introducing Retro Road State Maps!

Good news for those of us who love vintage retro and cool old places! The original Retro Roadmap has now become so chock full of vintage goodness that you can no longer view all entries on one map. This means we’ve got a lot of good content, and plenty of

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Retro Roadmap One Year Anniversary, Thanks to You!

I can’t believe that it has been one year already since I started Retro Roadmap, and want to thank all of you folks for the input, support and encouragement along the way! I’ve learned a lot of things during this past year doing Retro Roadmap: It sure takes up a

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Recovering From Retro Roadkid Visit 🙂

While we had a swell going on all sorts of fun vintage adventures with the Retro Roadfamily this weekend I have to admit that the all of us here at the Hacienda are still recovering from the whirlwind of activity! I’m going to do my best to catch up on

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Retro Roadkids Heading to Pennsylvania for Retro RoadFun!

I’ve got tons of places to add to the Retro Roadmap but they’ll have to wait a few days, as I am looking forward to partaking in some actual Retro Roadfun as the Retro Roadkids and their Retro Roadmom visit Pennsylvania for a long weekend! Planned highlights include seeing The

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John Margolies Roadside America NYC – we made it !

Retro Roadhusband and I made perfect time to NYC last night for the John Margolies book signing. Such perfect timing in fact that we scored a free on street parking space within 10 feet of the Taschen entrance! What a swell time I had meeting up with and chatting with

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We LOVE Retro Roadmap Reader Recommendations!

I just got a swell report from a Retro Roadmap Reader regarding a place that would be a great addition to the Retro Roadmap- but he wasn’t sure if the Retro Roadmap accepted suggestions from readers. 2 words- YES – Please! We LOVE  Retro Roadmap Reader Recommendations! (Thanks Brother Cleve!)

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Photos From Retro Roadkid Saturday – A Success!

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend with the Retro Roadfamily up in Massachusetts for the weekend. I’ll be expanding more on some of the neat vintage places we visited but for now here’s a few snapshots to whet your appetite!  A Vintage Worcester Diner,  A Cool Old Drive In Movie

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