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[CLOSED 2014] Bove’s Cafe – Family Owned and Fabulous Since 1941 Burlington, VT

Posted on: October 6, 2010

Tags: 1941, Art Deco, Bobby Flay, Bove's, Burlington, Cafe, Food Network, Italian, Lasagna, neon, restaurant, Vermont, Vitrolite, VT

2o14 we’re heartbroken to report that Bove’s closed after 74 years in business. 🙁

Original 2010 post

This chilly transition into autumn has got me thinking of Vermont for 2 reasons – one is the combo of maple syrup and leaf peeping that the state is known for, but the other, more Retro Roadmap worthy reason is Bove’s Restaurant! In business in Burlington VT since 1941 and still retaining it’s authentic Art Deco vitrolite facade, neon sign and old-school charm, I am happy to thank Elise Brown of DrummerPR for this photo and report on Bove’s -our first vintage Vermont listing!


I visited Bove’s some time in the early 90’s, so when I read that Elise and her husband had vacationed in the area this past summer I asked if the art deco restaurant that I remembered so fondly was still there. And hooray it’s still there, family owned and operated and stronger than ever. Not only have they made an appearance on the Food Network and Today show for their delicious lasagna but their family recipe sauce and award winning pasta is for sale in their online store.

Elise reports:

It even still has the same wallpaper I remember from 1980! College kids attending UVM, Champlain College or St. Michael’s know it well – and (like me) return to it when they visit their alma mater. The servings are huge and the prices are extremely reasonable My personal faves are the daily specials: Lasagna on Wednesdays and Stuffed Peppers on Thursday are AWESOME and only $7.80.

Here’s a video that the Bove Brothers / aka Sauce Boys made for their audition to get onto the Food Network and you can see some great shots of their vintage interior (and tasty food) right here:

So if you’re in the Burlington VT area today – it’s Lasagna day!