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Gidget’s Gadgets Rehoboth Beach Retro Emporium!

Posted on: July 1, 2016

Along with the cool vintage places to visit, it’s always a treat to find some retro fun – and Gidget’s Gadgets Retro Emporium in Rehoboth Beach is the go-to place for vintage goods, vinyl records and new retro collectibles. While the shop itself is barely into its teens, it has its heart in the past, thanks to the vision of owner and one-time music maven Steve Fallon.

Gidget's Gadgets Rehoboth Beach DE Retro Roadmap

Located on the main drag, Gidget’s is a destination in this seaside town for locals and curious vacationers. Lured in by the colorful toys lining the walls, you can overhear parents tell their kids about the fun they had with childhood staples like Slinkys and Whoopee cushions. Superhero memorabilia abounds for kids – and the forever young at heart.

For the more hip set, the draw here is their vinyl section. Originally started by Fallon thinning his own record collection (from his tenure as owner of legendary rock bar Maxwells in Hoboken NJ), the section quickly grew out of the back room and expanded to take over half of the shop. Fallon’s musical legacy also inspires visiting musicians to stop by for a quick in-store appearance or to spin a few records for shoppers.

Gidget's Gadgets Rehoboth Beach DE Retro Roadmap

The back room is now a delight for the mod squad, with authentic mid-century and vintage items for the home. From Don Draper style barware to groovy lamps, the selection is ever changing, depending on the delights that Fallon finds. If you want a souvenir from your visit to the past, Gidget’s is the place.
Gidget's Gadgets Rehoboth Beach DE Retro Roadmap