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Heisey’s Diner – Pie and Other Delights! One of Lebanon PA's Authentic Vintage Diners!

Posted on: January 23, 2017

Heisey’s diner Lebanon PA was recommended to me by fellow diner pal Kyle Weaver. He’s one of the authors of the second edition of the book Diners of Pennsylvania , a valuable resource I rely on, so I knew he knew what he was talking about.

Heisey's Diner - Lebanon PA - Retro Roadmap

Upon pulling into the parking lot I spied the vintage diner shining under a shingled roof, it’s bright red Flexglas glistening in the sun (also known as Flex-glass, or Flex Glas it is the official diner-y name for those reflective tiles that make up the bands of color fitted into the horizontal ribs of many a vintage stainless steel diner.)

Heisey's Diner - Lebanon PA - Retro Roadmap

Heisey’s is a 1951 O’Mahony built diner. As was common in the diner world, it replaced an earlier style smaller diner, Sprecher’s. You can see historic photos of both Sprecher’s and the evolution of Heisey’s in the wonderful framed photos in the back vestibule.

Heisey's Diner - Lebanon PA - Retro Roadmap

This diner upgrade with the addition of a dining room was a big deal and made newspaper headlines in the area.

Heisey's Diner - Lebanon PA - Retro Roadmap

In 1968 the Heisey family purchased Sprecher’s and today their son Gary owns the restaurant. As you will learn en route to the restrooms, the diner is not just the diner itself, but has expanded to a sprawling combination of multiple dining rooms – and a bar – to accommodate customer parties of every size and style.

Heisey's Diner - Lebanon PA - Retro Roadmap

I swear the diner was packed when we were there! I just hate taking pictures in a jammed diner 🙂

We of course, sit in the diner-proper, which was bustling on a Saturday morning. While we ordered breakfast and had no complaints with it, I was positively distracted by the homemade pies displayed in the case behind the counter. Mod Betty is a pie fan, so seeing all these sweets and not giving in was a testament to her willpower.

Heisey's Diner - Lebanon PA - Retro Roadmap

Kyle recommends the raisin pie (a nod to the Pennsylvania Dutch leaning menu in these parts) but I would not have been able to decide, instead asking for a slice of each. They all look so good!

Heisey's Diner Lebanon PA Retro Roadmap

Open 7 days a week starting at 6am, they have expanded even more to include patio seating and there’s plenty of parking. Lebanon is lucky to have 2 authentic vintage diners in town (Mel’s being the other) so plan your eating accordingly so you can go to both!)

And if you’re so inclined to learn more about the Diners of PA, consider adding the book to your library!