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Herman’s Quality Meats – Newark Delaware Since 1967

Posted on: July 1, 2016

  • Herman's Quality Meats: Newark, Delaware
  • address: 64 East Cleveland Ave Newark, DE 19711
  • phone: (302) 731-5344
  • web:
  • note: closed Sunday, Monday

Herman’s Quality Meats opened in 1967, a year Mod Betty doesn’t think is that long ago; however, others may beg to differ. That year Luther Herman bought a decades-old butcher business on Main Street here in Newark. He relocated to the current location in 1970, though it happily feels like a much more old-fashioned business than that.

Christine Herman and family continue to operate this cheery corner spot.

Herman's Meat Shop Newark DE Retro Roadmap

If all you’ve ever had is supermarket bought meats, you’ll marvel at the difference in flavor of the products from Herman’s. You’ll also be glad your purchase helps preserve this nearly forgotten but much appreciated way of shopping and eating.

Known for their dedication to the quality of their meat, they buy all-natural cattle, fed grass and grain with no hormones or antibiotics. All of their meat is dry-aged and cut to order in house. Local farms supply the meat and poultry. Have no idea what to get? They’re more than happy to help you make your selection.

Herman's Meat Shop Newark DE Retro Roadmap

Not in the mood for cooking? No worries here – you can also pick up homemade salads, deli meats, smoked ribs or pulled pork (and pretend you did all the heavy lifting yourself.) Their “Hermanburgers” are popular in local restaurants, and they hand-make in small batches all sorts of sausages, meatballs and more.

On the road and just want something to eat? Made-to-order sandwiches come in “kits” that include a bag of chips, pickle spear, carrot sticks and your choice of homemade side.

Mod Betty Notes: You may see meat being cut and prepped in front of you. If you’re squeamish, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Herman's Meat Shop Newark DE Retro Roadmap