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Hudock’s Custard Stand – Salem NJ A Route 49 Find!

Posted on: July 27, 2018

There’s nothing like driving down a quiet back road and coming across a picturesque place to eat that has changed little in the passing decades. On route 49 in Salem New Jersey Hudock’s Custard Stand is that place. Bright yellow roofs top two white clapboard covered buildings, offering your choice of sweets or savory eats.
Hudock's Custard Stand Salem NJ - Retro Roadmap

Opened in 1948 adjacent to farmland in South Jersey,you will note it bears a “peaked roof sunny-hued” resemblance to the Pennsville Custard Stand, as they were once related. It has been known as Hudock’s – named for the family who have owned the seasonal roadside destination – for the past 50+ years.

Hudock's Custard Stand - Salem, NJ - Retro Roadmap 2018

While the ice creams and frozen custards are rightly a big draw, Mod Betty needs to draw your attention to their famous Bellybuster. This humongous burger is 8 ounces of beef, made into a pie sized patty and served on an specially made oversized bun. Quite the photo op should you dare eat it yourself! Other big foods include the foot-long hotdog and Big Boy cheeseburgers. but they’ve got regular sized items like Broasted chicken, sandwiches and fried sides.

Hudock's Custard Stand - Salem, NJ - Retro Roadmap 2018

(That’s the Belly Buster bun, compared to a regular burger!)

Open seasonally from late March until early October, this is a cash only stop, where you order at the window and take your eats to go. My favorite thing about stopping at Hudock’s is to sit at one of the picnic tables in the shade of the trees lining the road, and ponder how little those trees must’ve been 70 years ago when this stand opened up decades before my time.

Hudock's Custard Stand - Salem, NJ - Retro Roadmap 2018