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EVENT It’s Retro Fun, Hon – Honfest 2009

Posted on: May 6, 2009

Tags: 1950s, Baltimore, Event, Fifties, Hampden, Honfest, Kitsch, Maryland retro, vintage, Vintage Accessories, Vintage Clothing Shops

June 13-14, 2009 – Honfest – Hampden, MD

One of my favorite fests of the year is Hampden MD’s Honfest. What is Honfest you ask? Straight from the source, the Honfest website:

The Bawlmer term of endearment, Hon, short for Honey, embodies the warmth and affection bestowed upon our neighbors and visitors alike by historic working-women of Baltimore. HonFest is an annual celebration in honor of these women.

Around here, however, the women who vie to become Baltimore’s Best Hon are a vision of the sixties-era. They are women with beehive hairdos, bright-blue eye shadow, spandex pants and anything with leopard print!”

One weekend every June The Avenue (36th Street) is closed to traffic and opened up to Hons of all ages. Vintage clothes, goods, crafts are purchased,  pink cocktails are consumed and spam is bowled. There’s a Best Hon contest, live music and a guaranteed swell time is had by all, hon!

Hampden is a vintage shopping destination year ’round, but Honfest brings the party into the street!