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Jigger’s Diner & Patty Smyth and Scandal – Retro Roadmap and Rock & Roll! Mod Betty's worlds collide!

Posted on: April 29, 2018

  • address: 145 Main St, East Greenwich, RI 02818
  • phone: (401) 884-6060
  • web:
  • NOTE: Open for breakfast / lunch only

When Retro Roadhusband is on the road playing music, Mod Betty always keeps an eye out for Retro Roadmap worthy places for him to stop. So when he and Patty Smyth & Scandal were in East Greenwich, Rhode Island I insisted that they go to Jigger’s Diner on Main Street – and they did!

Patty Smyth Scandal Cliff Hillis Jiggers E Greenwich RI April 2018 Retro Roadmap

Retro Roadhubs Cliff Hillis & Patty Smyth at the counter, the band is in the booth!

Jigger’s is an authentic vintage Worcester Dining Car diner, installed here in 1950. You may not see Jigger’s immediately as it is perpendicular to the street – so you only see the end.

As seen in this photo of the band:

Patty Smyth Scandal Jiggers E Greenwich RI April 2018 Retro Roadmap

Since they were in Rhode Island, Mod Betty also suggested that they order Johnny Cakes, which are a regional take on pancakes, but made with stone ground white corn meal. Depending on where you look you may also see it spelled Johnnycakes or Jonnycakes. I wonder if Patty ordered them because of her own Johnny cake? 😉

Jiggers Diner Menu Johnny Cakes Retro Roadmap

Retro Roadhusband reports that everyone loved their meals, and that the coffee hit the spot after a hard night rocking.

Patty Smyth Scandal Mug Jiggers E Greenwich RI April 2018 Retro Roadmap

I was happy to learn that the vintage diner clock from the Worcester Dining Car company is on full display, as it should be.

Patty Smyth Scandal Diner Clock Jiggers E Greenwich RI April 2018 Retro Roadmap

I am super psyched that the band had their breakfast here! I can only imagine that life on the road is probably one hotel lobby hot plate breakfast after another, and that a visit to this authentic Rhode Island diner is a lot more memorable than that. And I’m sure that Jigger’s didn’t mind that Mod Betty sent 6 people to the diner – every little bit helps!

If you know of any musicians on the road, recommend Retro Roadmap to them, so they can enjoy a bit of vintage Americana while sharing their music!