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Jimmy’s Quick Lunch Hazleton PA – Site of An International Retro Roadmap Meetup! Hazleton, PA

Posted on: July 16, 2013

Mod Betty is a sucker for a neon sign and glass block, so how could she not want to show off Jimmy’s Quick Lunch to her international (and national) pals? Check out that cheery glow!

Jimmy's Quick Lunch Neon Sign

As Retro Roadmap Readers may recall, I was contacted by Claire “The Doodologist” from the UK last fall when she was visiting her pal Linda “The Distracted Wanderer” in Connecticut. She was interested in seeing some of the real cool old vintage places in the US and I was more than happy to whip up a map of places for her to check out.

As luck would have it, both Claire and Linda planned on being in our neck of the woods on one of their jaunts, so I suggested we meet at Jimmy’s, which has been a Hazleton PA staple since 1937.

But then our plan to meet turned into an adventure, including breweries, hospitals, hotdogs and more!

We had quite the wacky meet-up that night, including unexpectedly driving up to the Yuengling Brewery where Claire and Linda were stranded, as their pal Jenn had passed out in the heat of the tour, hit her head, and had to go to the hospital-!! They had texted us to say they couldn’t meet us at Jimmy’s because of this, and were still trying to figure out how to get 2 cars back to the hotel, since Claire didn’t drive.

Well, we wouldn’t be host and hostess with the mostess if we didn’t insist on driving straight up there  away to help them out!

Retro Roadhusband saved the day by coming up with me and driving their car back to their hotel as they finagled the hospital, then the hotel, then the wrong directions Google Maps gave us when trying to get to Jimmy’s. By the time we all got there it was late and we were all a bit frazzled. 

I share this if only to explain why this post is light on the photos and history, as we were all too busy getting to know each other than doing a proper scope-out for all of our various blogs. So yeah, color Mod B guilty as we spent more time gabbing instead of composing proper photos of our food and environs, but it was all in the name of international friendship!

All that said, Jimmy’s is such a local landmark that I wanted to share it even when your roving reporter is less than diligent in her reporterly duties. I’m lucky that the folks at Off The Beaten Path from WYLN in Hazleton are equally as charmed by Jimmy’s and included them in one of their episodes:

So if you’re in the mood for a Jimmy Dog (specially made by Dietz & Watson, slathered with their famous family recipe chili sauce and mustard mix, along with a scoop or two of hand cut onion cubes) and are in the Hazleton PA area – stop by Jimmy’s, and bask in the glow of that lovely vintage neon sign.

We can now say they’re internationally known 🙂

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