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Joe Italiano’s Maplewood Inn Hammonton NJ – RetroRoadmap Worthy Spaghetti! Hammonton, NJ

Posted on: April 16, 2011

Normally places on the RetroRoadmap have a vintage look or feel, but I’m declaring that Joe Italiano’s Maplewood Inn in Hammonton NJ is going on the map because of their great homemade spaghetti. They’ve been in business for 65+ years on the White Horse Pike, and are still family owned and operated too!

J. Italiano's Maplewood Inn - World's Best Spaghetti(If you’re wondering why the above picture looks kind of wavy, it’s because I had to take it from the inside of our car in a rainstorm!)

I had Joe’s on my list of potential RetroRoadmap-worthy places to check out for over a year now, and have to admit I was a bit disappointed when RRHusband and I drove past recently to find that they had given the place a facelift. I had been charmed by the plain brick facade (that you can see here) and hand painted sign out front, but now that they had done the place over I didn’t know if it fit the bill to be on “the map.”

Joe's Maplewood Restaurant Home Cooked Italian Food SignWe ended up going to Joe’s unexpectedly recently, when we flew into the Atlantic City airport (returning home from Key West) and were greeted with cold, torrential downpours (much like tonight!) Since we had to drive directly past the Maplewood Inn anyways, and we needed some warm comfort food to ease our way back into reality, we dodged the raindrops and went in.

Not expecting to write about Joe’s I didn’t even bring in my camera. Which was fine, I thought, because the place has been done over anyways. But as soon as I started eating my homemade spaghetti I knew I had to let RetroRoadmap Readers  in on this great meal.

All of our food, from the bread to the salad to the pasta and meatballs, was delicious, but the homemade spaghetti is what I’d make the trek for. Make sure to get it if you’re ever in the area, and you won’t be sorry.

I did manage to discover a trace of vintage Joe’s when I saw the waitstaff sitting at a table with a great formica top (don’t worry, they weren’t slackers – it was the end of shift, and the service was great throughout the entire evening.) Thinking that there may be some vintage cool hidden in plain sight, I lifted the corner of our white tablecloth and excitedly found one of these great Formica tables!

Hidden Formica Table Top( I borrowed RetroRoadhusband’s phone to snap a photo of the evidence)

So while they changed the decor, the folks at the Maplewood were smart not to mess with the recipes – or the portions! We ate ’til we couldn’t eat no more, then were given these cool doggie bags for our leftovers:
I Just Know it's Not For Me

(RetroRoadDog is not speaking to me b/c I didn’t share my leftover spaghetti with him)

So don’t mind the remodel (which was tastefully done, but not RetroRoadmap worthy), just get the spaghetti!
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