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Prince Pizzeria Restaurant – Route 1 Saugus MA – Since 1961 Saugus, MA

Posted on: August 5, 2009

When I first “discovered” Route 1 in Saugus many moons ago I was amazed at the oversized signs, funky buildings and neon all over the place. It was a shock for me to find out that a staid little state like Massachusetts had a gloriously Vegas like strip of road like this, and I was hooked.

Thinking back on some of the photos I took, I realize that very few of the Saugus Greats are still there, having fallen to “progress” and the big box/chainification of the area. Luckily the “Leaning Tower of Pizza” at the Prince Spaghetti House (as I call it) is still there shining like a beacon, just like the old times.

Route 1 Saugus MA Retro Roadmap Roundup 2015

The restaurant was originally a 12 seat drive in owned by the Prince Spaghetti company and has been owned by the Castraberti family since 1961. Since its humble beginnings the place has been expanded to include a large dining area, function room and comedy club.

Prince "Spaghetti House" Drive In Saugus MA

The service however is still reminiscent of it’s origins as a drive in, in that you order your food at the counter when you arrive, then raise your hand when your name is called, and they bring the food over to your table. (I used one of the Retro Roadkids’ names as our table name and it was giggles all around when the name was called over the loudspeaker and Retro Roadgirl had to raise her hand!)

Prince Spaghetti Lamp

The Prince is your basic red sauce (or gravy) place, with large portions and tasty pizzas which the RRkids enjoyed. I had been craving the manicotti from here, and was quite happy with it, but have to admit I was giving longing glances to sis’ chicken parm (so much so that last week I ordered chicken parm from a local place back here at home to try and stop the craving, but it was not to be-  Must.Go.Back.To.Prince.Get.Chicken.Parm!) The chicken was pounded flat and breaded, the pasta covered with their signature sauce, and if I write any more about it I will have drool on the keyboard.
Pizza From Above

The service was friendly, the atmosphere casual and relaxed, and it was great to feel like we were still back on old Route 1.  Now pardon me as I start to compile my “Top Ten Foods I Am Craving From Home” list, as the Chicken Parm from The Prince is definitely in the top 5!

Footnote: Remember how I said I thought that people were “on to” the fact that Retro Roadmap was in town, with Channel 5 “Going Retro” at Simpson Springs and Salem Willows? Well here’s another clue that I’m a trendsetter- just a few days after we ate at the Prince Spaghetti house, the Globe ran an article about Anthony Martignetti,  the “ANTHONY!” of the famous Prince Spaghetti commercial of my youth. Click here to read the article and see the famous Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day commercial.


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