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Mustache Bill’s Diner – Barnegat Light NJ – Picture Perfect!

Posted on: June 14, 2018

Let’s cut to the chase – Mustache Bill’s Diner is Mod Betty’s kind of Jersey Diner. Can’t you just tell by this photo?

Mustache Bill's Diner - Barnegat Light -

Authentic vintage without being remodeled / remuddled.

Mustache Bill's Diner - Barnegat Light -

Small in scale to give a homey feel, with a manageable menu, so you don’t get an industrial food service vibe.

Mustache Bill's Diner - Barnegat Light - NJ Retro Roadmap

Indeed, my lunch was delicious, and so large I brought 1/2 home to Retro Roadhusband!

Mustache Bill's Diner - Barnegat Light -

Friendly folks, good food and a fabulous location – right at the end of Long Beach Island, on the New Jersey shore / coast  – since 1959!

Mustache Bill's Diner - Barnegat Light -

I’m not the only one who thinks this is a notable diner, as Mustache Bill’s (named after owner Bill Smith) was awarded the America’s Classic award from the James Beard foundation in 2009.

Because it is a beach area eatery the diner is only open seasonally (roughly some time in March to some time in October) and on the shoulder season it is only open for long weekends. Best bet is to check their Facebook page (link on the sidebar –>) for their hours, as to not be disappointed if you drive out there on a sunny day when they’re closed.

Oh, and they’re only open 6am-3pm when they are open AND they’re cash only. But other than that – they’re awesome!

I’m looking forward to getting out there again this summer – maybe biking on a cute pink retro roadbike? Hope to see you there!

Mustache Bills Diner Barnegat Light NJ New Jersey Retro Roadmap