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148 Years of Old Time Charm! Newtown Hardware House Newtown, Pennsylvania

Posted on: March 4, 2017

What is it about the creak of a wooden floor as soon as I set foot into a shop, that sends me back in time? Does this happen to you, too? If so, step foot into Newtown Hardware House in Newtown PA. Not only will you do a bit of time travel, but also come home with all sorts of modern things to keep your contemporary life well repaired.

NEwtown PA Hardware Wooden Floor

Located on State Street in the charming little downtown area of Newtown (so charming that the entire business district is on the National Register of Historic Place, so plan on spending some time exploring) this charming hardware store has been in continuous operation at the same location for almost 150 years (opened in 1869 for those who don’t want to math.)Newtown Hardware House - Newtown PA

The shop is a wonderful mix of antique wooden bins and fixtures filled with nails, screws and the like, but also a heavy helping of gift and toy items with a nostalgic appeal. Cookies are sold to support the local pancreatic cancer fund, keys are made, lamps re-wired too.

Newtown Hardware House - Newtown PA

Heck, if you’re lucky you may run into a local micro-brew tasting or other event happening at the shop. But regardless of what day you’re there, come in and explore, as this is more than just a hardware store.

Newtown Hardware House - Newtown PA

Just because it is that old doesn’t guarantee its future, but luckily owners Bill and Meg Newell stepped in just a couple of years ago to buy the business, moments before it was slated to close for good.

Newtown Hardware House - Newtown PA - Retro Roadmap

They as well as many area residents realized the importance of keeping this place open, for locals to get what they need, and for the younger generation to know what it was like to shop before the big stucco box invasion.

Newtown Hardware House - Newtown PA