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Pizza Town U.S.A. Elmwood Park NJ – A Slice of Americana Just Off The Garden State Parkway Elmwood Park, NJ

Posted on: December 30, 2010

I was overjoyed at the fact that RetroRoadhusband and I were able to swing ourselves off of the Garden State Parkway in Elmwood Park so we could grab a slice of pizza – and Americana. I was glad to see that Pizza Town U.S.A. hadn’t changed from my last visit in 1991. In all reality it looks like it hasn’t changed much since opening in 1958!
Pizza Town USA Neon

It’s easier to get to Pizza Town USA from the southbound side of the Parkway, but we managed a U-turn and a wrong turn and did some clever merging to get ourselves into the parking lot bathed in the glow of neon.Once inside we chose the line for slices, and within moments were devouring some thin crust cheesy goodness. We would’ve ordered more than just 1 slice, but this was just a “snack” as we were to dine officially at the Olympia Diner in CT.We downed it so fast I didn’t have time for a photo, but I do love the throwback graphics on their soda cups. You go, Uncle Sam!

Pizza Town USA - Uncle Sam Cup
Family owned and operated at the same location since 1958, Pizza Town USA has a few tables for folks who want to “dine in” and we saw a brisk to go business for whole pizzas as well. There are 3 different lines, all labeled clearly, so make sure you get in the right one. ¬†Funny part was when one customer changed his mind mid-order and decided he wanted a whole pie, he had to move to another line. The counter guy moved to the new line too, to ring him up!

Pizza Town USA - Box History

Be forewarned, while there are some “facilities” in the back of the building, it’s a shared one stall type of arrangement. You don’t see many places like this anymore especially right off a busy highway, so stop by here for a quick slice and a photo and get back on your way!

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