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Shuffleboard in Ocean City New Jersey – Join The Club!

Posted on: August 18, 2018

As I’ve mentioned before, in my world shuffleboard is becoming a Big Deal with the revitalization of the world’s oldest shuffleboard club in St. Petersburg Florida, and the opening of the hip fun Royal Palms shuffleboard clubs in Brooklyn and Chicago – so who wouldn’t want to be ahead of the curve and shuffle along with me in Ocean City, New Jersey?

Ocean City NJ Shuffleboard Club - Retro Roadmap 2018

Established in 1941 the Ocean City Shuffleboard Club and courts are located at Fifth Street just off the boardwalk. Memberships Dues are $5 a year if you would like to participate in tournaments or their events. While you are not required to join the club to play shuffleboard here (it’s free, actually) I KNOW Retro Roadmappers will realize a $5 fee is a small price to pay to have the good feeling of helping to keep this 75+ year old club going :-))

Ocean City Shuffleboard Club - Ocean City New Jersey Retro Roadmap 2018

Any present member can sign you up, and they’re typically at the club on Mondays from 10-3 or when they have tournaments (dates posted on their website) according to club historian and webmaster, Alec Helm.

The courts are open in the summer season (Memorial Day – Labor Day) from 9am-9pm, with the doors to the Cue House open on the honor system.

Ocean City NJ Shuffleboard Club - Retro Roadmap 2018

Grab yourself a box containing your discs and chalk, a cue and pick your lane.

Ocean City NJ Shuffleboard Club - Retro Roadmap 2018


There are some that are under the covered canopy (nice to get away from the sun or rain) but if there’s a tournament going on, you’ll want to pick one of the many outdoor lanes.

Ocean City NJ Shuffleboard Club - Retro Roadmap 2018

If you’re not sure how to play, the rules are here. And if there’s no one watching and you don’t feel like keeping score, I’m sure you can just practice too!

Though it can get busy early in the morning I’m told, during my visit there were only a handful of adult players. A serene scene, it was nice to sit and hear the scuff of the discs swishing back and forth between either end of the court, echoing the comings and goings of the ocean surf and tides just a few feet away.

Ocean City New Jersey Shuffleboard Club 2018 Retro Roadmap

Shuffleboard – old fashioned fun, and hip happening sport – start playing now, and thank Mod Betty when you’re the coolest kid in school!