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Silverball Museum Arcade – Pinball Museum A Shiny Spot on the Asbury Park Boardwalk!

Posted on: August 27, 2012

Tags: Arcade, Asbury Park, boardwalk, Museum, New Jersey, Pinball

Retro Roadhusband was a bit miffed when we didn’t see any vintage arcades on the Asbury Park boardwalk – but the Silverball Museum Arcade made up for their absence. Opened year round this space is chock full (over 200!) of classic pinball machines, from every era.

Retro Roadhusband was psyched to find Funhouse (which isn’t exactly vintage, having been released in 1990.)
Funhouse Pinball

But Mod Betty went more the vintage route (big surprise) and was super thrilled with this 1967 “Beat Time” pinball machine. Beatles? Yep!

Silverball Museum Arcade
I’m still positively swooning over the graphics (Even tho this shot has a bit of a zombie/vampire vibe – WATCH OUT JOHN!!!)

Beatles Bootles Beat Time Pinball Machine Detail Girl
The Silverball Museum Arcade has a different setup than a standard arcade in that there are no quarters needed. Instead you pay for a certain amount of time, and then can play as many games as you like during that time.

There’s also a place set up in the middle with some fun vintage Formica kitchen sets. Perfect for parties – you can rent out the space, or you can sit and eat your snacks  that they sell at the entrance.
Vintage Formica Table Party Area

Open 7 days a week, the Museum Arcade was started by Rob Ilvento in 2009. He only got into pinball a few years ago when he realized that his daughter, who has autism, was fascinated by the game and would play for a solid half-hour without being distracted. So he bought a machine. Then another, then another, then…well you get the idea!

Tiny Pinball Wizard

The machines range from the 1930s up to the 1990s,  and each has a  placard on top with the history of the machine and and the names of the high scorers.

Astro Pinball Machine

Mod B would not be one of them, I was gutterballing it all the way, but enjoyed taking loads of photos and admiring the artwork on the machines.

There’s something for everyone at the Silverball Museum Arcade!

Elvis Pinball Fan