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Stutz Candy Shop – Right at the Factory! Hatboro PA

Posted on: May 8, 2017

When you’re in Hatboro visiting Daddypop’s Diner, Burdick’s News Agency or snapping a photo of  the zigzag roofline at Nu-Life Cleaners  if the sweet tooth strikes, then Stutz Candy Company is just around the corner.

Why sure, you could just pick up a national-brand candy bar anyplace, but the fun thing about visiting this Stutz Candy location is that it is also the factory where they make their own candy. That’s why they call it “Own Make” !
Stutz Candy Kitchen - Hatboro PA - Pennsylvania - Retro RoadmapYou can’t miss the giant whitewashed building with bright red signs boldly advertising Rich Creamy Fudge, Buttery Peanut Brittle and The Largest and Finest Variety of Candies, so pull into the parking lot and head into the retail section.
Stutz Candy Kitchen - Hatboro PA - Pennsylvania - Retro RoadmapThere you will find chocolates, candies and nuts literally lining the walls. Boxes with colorful bows are ready for gift giving, or you can assemble your own assortment by making a selection from the glass cases. (Note that not every single piece of candy for sale is actually made here – there are so many varieties it would be impossible – so if you’re unsure, just ask.)
Stutz Candy Kitchen - Hatboro PA - Pennsylvania - Retro RoadmapIn operation since 1938, this “Own Make” candy company was started by Joe and Mary Stutz , and in the 1960s purchased by Dairy Maid Confectionary. John Glaser, a 3rd generation candy maker from Dairy Maid took over the operation, moving the candy making to this location in 1976. Today his nephew (5th generation!) continues the tradition.
Stutz Candy Kitchen - Hatboro PA - Pennsylvania - Retro Roadmap

There are two additional locations of Stutz, one in Warminster, and on the Jersey Shore on Long Beach Island. But for an unexpected shopping experience off the beaten path, this is Mod Betty’s sweet spot to stop!

Don’t forget to tune into WRDV-FM 89.3 to listen to big band, jazz and swing – they’re located in downtown Hatboro!