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The Cabot – Old Theatre Gets New Lease on Life! A Mod Betty North Shore Fave in Beverly MA

Posted on: December 18, 2016

It’s great when you get a second chance. For Mod Betty, this is my¬†opportunity to share with you one of my fave Massachusetts theatres, The Cabot in Beverly that I thought had closed forever.

And for The Cabot, this second chance is the fact that it is open with new energy and a wonderful vision for this grand place, after long-time owners closed it in 2012.


Photo: Rocco Coviello, courtesy of The Cabot

The Cabot Theatre opened in 1920, but Mod Betty first started going there in the mid-1990’s, getting all teary-eyed watching Babe the pig, and not knowing her life would be forever changed with a viewing of “That Thing You Do”.


Photo: Rocco Coviello, courtesy of The Cabot

Always intending to feature The Cabot on Retro Roadmap, I had hoped to get back there myself, as much of the fun for me doing Retro Roadmap is the excuse to visit these places I love so much. I was heartbroken to learn that they had closed in 2012, continually kicking myself for not getting up there sooner. As with many old theatres closing, I expected the future to be grim, so I was shocked and utterly delighted to learn from a passing Facebook comment that it was open again. Huzzah!!


Photo: Lauren Poussard, courtesy of The Cabot

Not only showing movies, but a place for live events and more – this video does a great job of taking you behind the scenes at this community centerpiece. Enjoy the vid, and go visit the Cabot, or your local vintage theatre – there aren’t many left!