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Wanamaker Organ Tour – Retro Roadmap Roundup Recommended! Macy's Center City Philadelphia

Posted on: February 1, 2015

In addition to all the gazillion Retro Roadmap plans pinging around Mod B’s skull one that is in the works for 2015 is to do a Retro Roadmap meetup once a month. Unfortunately the freezing cold and snowy icy weather isn’t the best for scheduling, but our visit to the Wanamaker Organ at Macy’s in Philadelphia was a success, and I totally recommend it.

Wanamaker Organ Tour Philadelphia PA

Tours are given the last Saturday of each month following the 12 noon organ performance. Meet your tour guides at The Eagle and listen to the organ being played while you wait for the tour to begin.
Eagle Wanamaker Organ Macy's Philadelphia PA
After the performance our guide took us behind the scenes to see what really goes on to keep the WORLD’S LARGEST OPERATING PIPE ORGAN going strong. Our guides Nik and Mike were well informed, friendly and knowledgeable!
Wanamaker Organ Tour Macy's Philadelphia PA
You get to CLIMB INTO the organ itself!
Wanamaker Organ Tour Macy's Philadelphia PA
It’s so big that a shetland pony can fit into one of the pipes:
Wanamaker Organ Tour Macy's Philadelphia PA
You also get to snoop around in parts of the store normally not open to the public:
Wanamaker Organ Tour Macy's Philadelphia PA
And see parts of this building that have been closed off for years…spooky and fascinating!
Wanamaker Organ Tour Macy's Philadelphia PA
Not only are the scenes inside the building interesting, but you also get a unique view of the buildings outside of the Wanamaker building, including Philadelphia’s grand city hall. Depending on the sunlight you may also get a glimpse of the great art deco detail at the Market Street National Bank across the street.
Wanamaker Organ Tour Macy's Philadelphia PA
Finally, don’t forget to get your photo taken at Wanamaker’s famous Eagle like some of us did!
Retro Roadmap gang at the Wanamaker Eagle 2015
Click here to get your tickets for Tour of Wanamaker Organ at Macy’s Philadelphia PA – and don’t forget to tell them Mod Betty / Retro Roadmap sent you!

Here’s our Retro Roadmap video about the organ and the holiday light show, but the tours are given year ’round – don’t wait!