Retro Roadmap Presentations - by Mod Betty!

Do you want your group or audience to be entertained, informed AND inspired? 

Mod Betty loves to do all three!

Armed with her digital slideshow of authentic vintage places and knowledge of the hidden gems in your area, her presentations are guaranteed to appeal to audiences of any size and age group.

A walk down memory lane for some, a glimpse into the past for others, Mod Betty’s presentations are an encouragement to go out and have fun visiting these destinations while they still exist. 

Presented in an entertaining and engaging manner, your group will leave with a good feeling about what they can do to help keep the mom and pop shops alive in the 21st century.


Retro Roadmap Talks can be:

  • Tailored to your regional location
  • Augmented with audience participation
  • Created for any size venue, audience or age group.

If you are interested in Mod Betty coming to your location

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What people are saying about Mod Betty’s presentations:



“It seems like everyone I talk to wants me to express appreciation for your inspiring presentation last week. Your years of research, along with your ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable lectures in our library’s history!”

Old Bridge Public Library, Old Bridge NJ



“Beth Lennon has been able to inspire our state-wide preservation community not once, but twice! We asked her to share her expertise about using social media and raising money on crowdfunding platforms at our annual conference.

The audience was rapt, the session received rave reviews and was especially appreciated by people at small historic sites or nonprofits who are often asked to do more with less.

Recently, we welcomed her as the keynote speaker at our annual meeting to share her passion for small, family-owned businesses and the local traditions they inspire.

Her talk was heart-warming and passionate, leaving the audience with clear steps they could take to help keep these businesses alive for future generations to enjoy. Even those who weren’t familiar with Mod Betty were fired up to get out and make those legacy connections.”

Preservation Pennsylvania



“Mod Betty hosted an absolutely wonderful sold-out program for us at the Lititz Public Library to a packed house. Several people came from out of state just to attend her presentation! Many have already asked when she will be returning.

Cory Van Brookhaven, Lititz Historical Society, Lititz PA 



“With a quirky and entertaining presentation, Beth successfully tapped the collective vein of the audience’s nostalgia and shared enthusiasm for these special sights and places of their lives.”

Phoenixville Public Library, Phoenixville PA



I came away inspired and delighted by her presentation. It awoke in me the desire to sit at a luncheon counter and have a milkshake… spend a half hour in the local hardware store discussing the best approach to my project and yes… even go back and play miniature golf on a balmy summer evening !!! Thank you Mod Betty and Retro Roadmap, I can see that there is exploring to be done !!!”

Toni M.



Mod Betty’s presentation to our residents was a big hit! Everyone enjoyed reliving the past and were excited to learn that so many places that they remembered still exist. She even brought back some fond memories from long ago. Ever the gracious and delightful hostess, Mod Betty took time with each guest who stayed to chat with her. We’d have her back in a heartbeat and I would confidently recommend her services to any communities looking for an entertaining and informative event.”

– Wellington at Hershey’s Mill



If you are interested in Mod Betty coming to your location

contact her today!