Retro Roadmap Roadtrip Recommendation Service

Do you dream of going on a retro roadtrip, eating in diners and local restaurants, stopping at mom & pop shops, posing in front of giant roadside sculptures, sleeping in friendly vintage motels?

A vacation where you visited somewhere authentic and real, instead of traveling for miles to only be surrounded by the same chain stores and restaurants you have at home?

Do you find yourself just dreaming of that type of trip but never taking it, because the thought of spending so much time to research it makes your head hurt, with everything else you have going on in your life?

Overwhelmed at deciding what places you might want to visit, you just stay put, or put off the trip until you retire?

Mod Betty can help you out!

Retro Roadmap Roadtrip Recommendations provide you with information about the vintage places worth visiting along the route to your destination. Whether you’re driving on the highway, or keeping to the secondary roads classic vintage eateries, kitschy roadside attractions, hidden “locals” gems and regional food stops are a specialty. If you’ve got specific areas of interest, Mod Betty will suss that out with a short and simple questionnaire, ensuring that you have information for everything you want to do on your journey back in time.

Recommendation rates are affordable, and the peace of mind you will have knowing you’re not driving past a classic roadtrip stop is invaluable.

From family roadtrips to hitting the road with your girlfriends, guy’s getaways to the mountains or bands on tour looking to get off of the highway, even anniversary destinations – Mod Betty has helped visitors from across the country – and the world – discover the places that turn a regular trip into a memorable Retro Roadmap roadtrip!

All you need to do is me a few simple details about your trip and we can get started. You’ll get a detailed multipage document formatted for printing, but easily accessed on your online devices. A handy Google Map with the pins on it will ensure you get a clear look at where places are along the way, and hyperlinked contact information is included for every stop, to ensure you have easy access to them along the way.



Mod Betty was the first person I contacted when I booked my road trip to Palm Springs & Joshua Tree. Could I see all the cool stuff, eat all the delicious food & find all the secret cool spots in three days? It felt impossible, but Mod Betty accepted the challenge. She quizzed me on what I like to do, my vacation style & eating habits and then built me a custom google map highlighting all of the must-do’s. We hit all of Mod Betty’s marks and it was awesome trip!  I highly recommend Mod Betty’s Retro Roadtrip Planning Trip Recommendations (or exact title!)

Jesse & Tara

If you are interested in Mod Betty planning your Retro Roadmap Roadtrip, contact her today!


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