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Corky’s: The Lamplighter Shines On! Sherman Oaks CA
Storybook Land – A Retro Childhood Delight! Egg Harbor NJ
Retro Roadmap Vintage Wildwood Tiki Weekend a Success! [TONS of Photos!]
Latest Retro Roadmap Video – Wildwood NJ!
Good News from White Horse Grill Berwick PA [Mod B is Smiling!]
5&10 Lunch Counter Retro Roadmap Meetup – Come On Along!
Tune In at the Tune Inn! DC Retro Roadmap Worthy Hang
Tommy’s Joynt San Francisco – “This Joint Is Jumping!”
Shop for Vintage Stuff & Visit Mod Betty’s 1964 Camper at a Whole Lot of Lulu!
1940s Perfectly Preserved! The White Horse Grill Berwick PA is OPEN

Vintage Travel ideas

Vintage Motels, Historic Hotels, Cabin Courts n more. If you want to travel back in time – places you’ll love!

retro-tastic restaurants

Authentic cool old places to eat and drink, regional foods and more – from cocktails to car hop service!

Old-Fashioned Fun

Movie palaces. Amusement Parks, Mini Golf, Bowling, Drive Ins and more –  you name it, we got it!

Retro Roadmap Meetups

Meet folks with similar interests in vintage fun while supporting cool old places – join us!

Vintage Shopping

New Stuff in Cool Old Places or Cool Old Stuff in New Places – from authentic 5 &10s to vintage finds!

Vintage inspired Events

Vintage and retro fun – Car Shows, Concerts, Art Exhibits,Vintage Camper Rallies – come on along!

Car Stop Photo-Ops

Those sights that make a road trip memorable – vintage signs, unusual architecture, snapshot worthy fun!

Messages from Mod Betty!

The Retro Roadmap blog, with the latest and greatest!