Retro Roadmap Categories

To Do

Vintage roadside attractions, amusement parks, drive-in movies, miniature golf, classic movie theaters, bowling alleys, photo ops, unusual tours and more! Mod Betty loves to share all sorts of fun to round out your retro roadtrip.

To Eat & Drink

From classic vintage diners, hot dog stands, tasty bakeries, luncheonettes, car-hop restaurants to vintage inspired cocktail bars and throwback steakhouses. Your belly will be full when you’re on the road with Mod Betty for sure!

To Shop

I love vintage 5 & 10 stores, old fashioned pharmacies, news agents, hardware stores – cool old places where you can shop like back in the day, and occasionally new places with an old soul, selling pieces from the past.

To Stay

Retro Roadmap worthy lodging is what you’ll find here, from mid-century modern and mom and pop motels and cabin courts to historic hotels that transport you back to an age of elegance, these places enhance your vacation memories, and are not just a place to rest your head.