Category: RIP

Jun 02
[CLOSED 2020] Scott’s Family Resort – Oquaga Lake, Deposit NY

Family owned and operated to this day by the Scott family, the story of one of the…

Jan 19
Obituary Post – The Fisherman Restaurant Phoenixville PA 1960-2019

And then one day, you don’t expect it but – they’re gone. You just saw them last…

Jan 18
[CLOSED] Eddie’s Supper Club – Great Falls Montana’s Steakhouse Since 1944

If you’re a vegetarian you might want to look the other way, because Eddie’s Supper…

Dec 14
[CLOSED] Balich 5 & 10 – Arlington MA Five and Dime Time!

May 2018 Update: Sad to report that Balich’s will be closing within the next few…

Jul 01
[CLOSED 2017] Leo & Jimmy’s Delicatessen, Wilmington Delaware

2017 Update: Mod Betty is now even more saddened, to learn that Leo &…

Jul 01
[CLOSED] ChesDel Restaurant = 2 Hidden Diners in Middletown DE

2018 UPDATE: Sad to report, the ChesDel suddenly closed February 2018 🙁 Customers…

Jun 30
[CLOSED] The Schwartz Center for The Arts – Dover DE]

Sweet fancy Moses, Delaware! Your Retro Roadmap worthy places are dropping like flies!…

Feb 21
[CLOSED] Little Pete’s – Philly’s Little Eatery’s Days are Numbered

March 2017 Update – according to Billy Penn, last day at Little Pete’s is…

Jun 04
[CLOSED] Du-par’s “Pie In The Sky – All Night Long!” in Studio City, CA

It’s 2am. You just walked out of one of Hollywood’s many rock clubs. And…

Mar 28
Troutdale: “The Ol’ Fishing Hole” Agoura Hills, CA

It happened quite unexpectedly, one day my son asked me a question that shocked and…

Mar 17
[CLOSED 2018] El Quijote NYC – Since 1930, but Future Uncertain – Go Now ¡Andale!

2018 Update: According to our NY contact Jeremiah Moss at Jeremiah’s Vanishing…

Mar 11
[CLOSED] The Tinder Box Santa Monica, CA – “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em”

Let’s start with some full disclosure: I don’t smoke. Other than the…


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