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Just Drive Your Life Mod Betty Retro Roadmap

Just Drive Your Life!

Retro Roadmappers, friends, strangers, world – Mod Betty is on a journey and wants you to come along! For the past 3 years I have been figuring out what helps me get to where I want to go in life, and I want to share what I have learned with

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Miss Lorraine Diner Pawtucket Retro Roadmap 2019

Miss Lorraine Diner in Pawtucket RI Opening Soon!

Jan 2020: Good news! Just learned that the Miss Lorraine is open for business! While I haven’t been there to test it out, I’m putting it on the Retro Roadmap – or RHODE map I should say. LOL!  Original 2019 post: Thanks to the social medias for letting Mod Betty

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Retro Roadmap Charm Bracelet by My Aunt Debbie

Ta-Da! The Retro Roadmap Charm Bracelet by My Aunt Debbie!

Retro Roadmap Custom / Handmade charm bracelet by My Aunt Debbie of Lancaster PA! As seen on Mod Betty’s wrist anytime she’s anywhere, this fun and funky statement piece is a limited edition, made just for you, collectors item. Inspired by  the full color Retro Roadmap Roadbook of North / Central New

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Sines 5 10 Quakertown PA Retro Roadmap

Black Friday Holiday Shopping Retro Roadmap Style

Retro Roadmappers – Mod Betty wishes you the best at the beginning of this holiday season, and would love to share with you this thought I’m reminding myself of this shopping season, from my New Year’s Resolution: “Spend your money where your heart is, and you’ll be investing in the

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