What’s On Your Local RetroRoadmap?

Do you have RetroRoadmap-worthy places close to where you live? Or does your version of a retro roadtrip mean driving  4-eva to locate one authentic vintage place ?

Maybe I’m just lucky that I live in the part of the country where everything is closer together. I’ve got Speck’s, a vintage fried chicken stand 15 minutes from my house, The Hilltop hamburger stand with a killer neon sign 30 minutes away (if I take the back way, which is the way I prefer) and the Tom Sturgis pretzel factory less than an hour away. All places you will see in the near future on this very site!

So when I feel like I don’t have the time to for a roadtrip I look at my personal RetroRoadmap and am reminded that I don’t need an Airstream trailer and a month off from work in order to have a Retro Roadtrip Adventure.

Tell me in the comments what’s in your neck of the woods!

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