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Heart- Breaking News – Freda Hirsch’s Store in Phoenixville Closed

Posted on: June 20, 2010

Heard yesterday from a Retro Roadmap reader that Freda Hirsch’s store in Phoenixville was closed when they went to visit on Friday, and this morning I find this message from Chuck Hirsch, her son, via the Freda’s Store Facebook page:

Freda Hirsch, The Legend

I am very sorry to announce that we have closed Freda’s Store.
it was just getting to hard for her. But , on the other hand she is still in pretty good health at 92.
My Mom (Freda) will be residing at Atria Woodbridge in Phoenixville off Route 113.
If you are in the area please come and visit, she would love to see you.

God Bless Your Day Freda & Irv

I would also like to let everyone know that we can not let the store close with a whimper.
We will set a date and officially close Freda’s Store with a ROAR. We will let you know when.

Chuck Hirsch

Hirsch's Market Window
I knew there would come a day that I’d walk past Freda’s store and the Closed sign would be up permanently, I’m only glad for my sake it happened when we were out of town. We wish the very best for Freda and her family, and you bet we’ll keep Retro Roadmap readers posted on her doings, as well as the official closing activities.