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Blobfest Phoenixville PA – The Retro Roadmap Blob Map and More !

Posted on: July 8, 2010


Each July The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville PA celebrates Blobfest – a tribite to that wonderfully kitschy 1958 sci-fi movie The Blob. This cornerstone of modern cinema was filmed in the neighborhoods in the local area and in the Colonial Theatre itself!

Here’s a link to the the Local’s Blobfest  Map courtesy of Retro Roadmap– our headquarters are conveniently located in lovely Blobville, PA!

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It creeps and leaps, and glides and slides
Across the floor
Right through the door, and all around the wall

A splotch, a blotch-

Be careful of The Blob!

the running of the blob blobfest phoenixville pa

This year is the 11th anniversary of Blobfest and will include highlights like:

-A special appearance by THE ORIGINAL BLOB and its handler Wes Shank

-Friday night Running of the Blob– Scream and rush out of the theatre just like those frightened filmgoers in the original movie!

-Continuous screenings of The Blob, double featured with some of your fave vintage sci-fi movies

And a whole lot more!

the blob colonial theatre phoenixville pa


Blobfest 11
The Colonial Theatre
Phoenixville PA