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It’s that time of year again, and RetroRoadmap will be your source for all sorts of cool vintage and retro places to go and gifts to buy for the holiday season!

Christmas Tree At The Fisherman

I’ve got a few new old places I’ll be sharing with you readers, but in the meantime don’t forget to search the archives for places near you to visit and shop at.

Buy gift certificates to your favorite local independent restaurant as gifts and introduce friends and co-workers to the wonders of diners and ice cream parlors!

Become a member of your local independent movie house, or buy gift certificates to there for the neighbors, mailman, et al. We just renewed our membership at The Colonial Theatre and it’s a great feeling to know you support something that gives pleasure to so many!

The Colonial Christmas

Visit your local 5&10 and buy some toys for the kids or something handy from their hardware department!

National 5 & 10 Newark DE(I’m heading here today to pick up a plastic cover for my sister’s dining table, and some odds and ends for the RetroRoadkids!)

Support your fellow fans of roadside related fun and buy a tee shir or print from Jeff and Kelly – the cool couple who are Vintage Roadside!

Pick up a diner guide from roadsidefan Kyle Weaver at Stackpole books!

Head out to your local antique, thrift, or junque store and do the best kind of recycling there is – unearthing treasures from a lost era and giving them a loving home. I’m off to do that today, to pick up a little something for my RetroRoadmum!

So while this can be the time to be overwhelmed with the barrage of messages imploring you to buy the latest electronic device orΒ  overconsume in a big box store, remember there are independent mom and pop businesses out there who need our support at this time more than ever. Be a good elf, and buy from the small guy!
Christmas Elf

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