Month: March 2011

Mar 30
A Very Retro Evening!

Sent from the Retro Roadphone

Mar 29
I’ve Been Almost Everywhere, Man!

That isn’t the RetroRoadmobile, but it is me, your hostess, Mod Betty, who is…

Mar 27
Hacienda, Sweet Hacienda

The whirlwind March travels of Mod Betty officially ended today as my plane landed…

Mar 26
State Theatre Stoughton MA Benefit w/ Mike Viola – Tonight!

Don’t forget to come help save Stoughton’s State Theater and hear…

Mar 25
Old Braintree MA Drive In Now Airport Shuttle Station

The screen is still up and the zig zag roof remains, I must be sitting in what once…

Mar 24
Back to Reality- Snow in PA

Got home safely last night. Now off to work in the snow! Sent from the Retro Roadphone…

Mar 24
Zippy The Pinhead’s Massachusetts Roadside Rambling via The Boston Globe

Thanks to my RetroRoadsister Pam for sharing this Boston Globe piece on the roadside…

Mar 23
The Past is Everywhere, You Just Need to Notice

Thrift shop door pull, Canonsburg PA Sent from the Retro Roadphone

Mar 23
Soft Serve Shaped Ice Cream Stand – Canonsburg PA

My folks took a bunch of photos for me of these twisty treats down in Florida years…

Mar 22
The Time Jumpers at The Station Inn Nashville TN

They play timeless music every Monday night – get here early to get a seat and a…

Mar 22
Not in Ohio but Louisville KY – Go Figure!

Saw this great old theatre sign behind the Brown Hotel – where we’re…

Mar 22
We Made It! Sleeping in a Wigwam Tonight

Wigwam Village #2 Cave City KY Sent from the Retro Roadphone


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