Category: Food & Drinks

Dec 17
Rare Vintage Diner For Sale! Phoenixville Pennsylvania’s Vale-Rio [Update: SOLD!]

SOLD! UPDATE: April 2017 – Philadelphia attorney Tom Kline is the new owner of…

Dec 08
Marshmallow Fluff – Made in Massachusetts for almost 100 Years. [Sweet!]

Mod Betty isn’t much of a cook, but once a year she’s all about the Fluff.…

Aug 02
Latest Retro Roadmap video at Delaware’s Historic Diner!

Retro Roadmappers! As some of you may know, our Kickstarter campaign was so successful…

Sep 17
The Lum’s OllieBurger Lives On – A Culinary Timeline

Retro Roadmap Reporter Keith Valcourt spied Ollie’s Trolley on his recent jaunt…

Jun 29
Mod Betty and The Hukilau 2014 – BFF! [Photo Gallery]

OH the fun we had! OH the vintage dresses and outfits we finally got to wear! YES, Mod…

Dec 30
Bridgeville Delaware Diner – Then and Now

It’s a chilly weekend here in Delaware, making Mod Betty want to stay inside…

May 23
Prime Burger NYC to Close After 74 Years – Get There Now

Get there before it’s too late! After being in business since 1938 PrimeBurger…

May 20
Retro Roadmapping up to the Very End

A perfect stop en route to or from LAX. Pann’s is our fave! Such a fun trip to…

May 04
Kentucky Derby Sandwich – The Hot Brown from the Brown Hotel, Louisville KY

Ever since someone at work mentioned that this is Derby Weekend all I could think of…

Feb 15
The Famous Strawberry Pie at the Kumm Esse Diner Myerstown PA

Finally tried the famous strawberry pie at the Kumm Esse Diner- nom! Retro Roadhusband…

Sep 30
Rosedale Diner Postcard Print Mystery Gift at Work – Mystery Solved!

Lookit what was waiting for me this morning at my Corporate Cube- how cool! Now I just…


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