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RetroRoadmap Worthy Places in Upstate NY – Thanks Amy Halloran and Metroland For a Great Sunday Morning Read!

Posted on: April 3, 2011

“Progress has its place, but these businesses have built their success on sustaining tradition” – YES indeedy! So says Amy Halloran in Albany NY’s Metroland, and sums up our feelings regarding progress and change in her You’re So Old School article better than we could this Sunday morn.

I especially like this part (bolding all mine):

“Businesses have to be flexible, ready to respond to the changes of a fickle public. So goes the logic that drives many enterprises. There’s another way of running a business, however, that dares to believe there’s no school like the old school. That suggests that people, and their needs, remain constant, and that people want their needs met with stability. Every city in the area has shops and restaurants that exemplify this philosophy, and food businesses tend to succeed in ignoring the siren call of progress better than others.

Metroland-Amy-Halloran-You're-So-Old-School-Will Yager-Patsy's Barbershop-Photo-Joe-PutrockClick here to read the entire article and learn more about some great RetroRoadmap worthy places in upstate New York! Take a moment to look around your own neighborhood, do you have some of these places you could support? Lets do!

Thanks to Glenn Wells of RoadsideFans for the link and inspiration (and look for some information on some fun RetroRoadmap worthy events coming to that region this June!)