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Vintage Radio Lite App – A Must Add to Your Retro Road Trip Car Ride

Posted on: May 14, 2011

At night when there’s nothing else cool to photograph and you’re in the highway towards your next destination nothing says “Retro Road Trip” more than cool old time radio shows! Though I wasn’t able to find any on the radio proper, never fear, the smartphone is here, with the Vintage Radio Lite app!

Vintage Radio App on iPhoneIf I’m lucky when I drive from MA to PA, somewhere around NYC I can often catch broadcasts of vintage radio shows at the bottom of the dial, but when we were driving through darkened, rainy Alabama to Mississippi this was a great thing to be able to listen to via the car stereo speakers.

As this handy video shows – along with that great vintage sound quality – you can choose from a variety of genres and stories, comedy to horror, something for almost everyone. Murder Goes for a Swim was a hit, as well as the story of the scarrrry treee, and Lucille Ball as My Favorite Wife.

I also immediately had a sweet spot for this handy download, as the graphics reminded me of my dad’s Telefunken radio.

Dad's Telefunken Jubilate(Dad got this in the early 1960’s when he was in the Navy stationed in Newfoundland,
and I’m honored to take care of it now in the Hacienda.)

So if you’re stuck in rain, or traffic, or simply want to extend the vintage-ness of your next drive to the sound dimension, check out the Vintage Radio lite app on your iphone!

3 responses to "Vintage Radio Lite App – A Must Add to Your Retro Road Trip Car Ride"

  1. gypsy818 May 15, 2011 at 01:28

    Thank you for the tip! I just bought this. I used to listen to CBS Radio Mystery Theater every night at 11 PM. I couldn’t get to sleep without it (& it drowned out the sound of my parents arguing in the next room).

  2. Richard May 16, 2011 at 06:52

    I really love old tube radios, i have 2 that ive bought at one time or another in different flea markets. With one being made in around 1949. You can still find these in some markets that are fairly reasonable in price, just expect to fix them up just a little. Richard from Lebanon countys Amish settlement.