We Learned an Important Retro Road Trip Lesson at Mammy’s Cupboard Natchez MS

Mammy’s Cupboard – or at least the “building shaped like a lady with a big skirt” called Mammy’s opened in 1940.

BUT it was CLOSED when we drove there to visit on our retro road trip!

Mammy's Cupboard Natches, MS

For all our planning and experience, we forgot one of the first lessons of any road trip – call to see what the hours are, and if they will be open when you get there. )Mammy’s closes around 2pm in the afternoon.)

Had we not stopped in downtown Natchez for some unexpected sightseeing (like this house for example) we would have made before the 2pm closing at Mammy’s.

Natchez, MS Decorated House

So while we may never know how delicious the pies were, or if the ceiling of her skirt is all frilly and lacy like petticoats – learn from our mistake!

Always make sure a place still exists and will be open when you get there. That’s why we give the handy contact info at the end of each Retro Roadmap post, but obvs we don’t follow our own suggestions all the time 😉


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