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Sad News – Jacob Zook’s Hex Sign Store Paradise, PA Route 30 Lincoln Highway Closed

Posted on: July 12, 2011

When Retro Roadhusband were driving down Route 30 / The Lincoln Highway in Paradise, PA Sunday we were saddened to see that Jacob Zoon Hex Signs store was closed and the property being offered for sale.

jacob zook hex sign store closed realtor information

This roadside A-Frame has always been one of my favorite Retro Roadmap worthy places to pick up a souvenir of our visit to Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish country – you can read about our last visit to Jacob Zook’s store right here. Now, peering in the window, I’m sad to see the hex signs, souvenir plates and Amish-abilia abandoned. So sad!

jacob zook hex sign interior closed

If you’re still interested in one of their classic hex signs, they are still available on the Jacob Zook website

jacob zook closed almost paradise

We did stop by the Almost Paradise store down the street before our visit, and now realize why some of the merchandise looked familiar. The nice folks there let us know that Zook’s probably closed around the beginning of the year and they had purchased some of their inventory at auction.

jacob zook hex sign store closed exterior

The face of the roadside is ever changing, folks – even in the short time Retro Roadmap has been reporting on these cool old vintage places. So get out there and support the places that are important to you if you want them to stick around!