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Back in the RRMP Saddle Again!

Posted on: January 17, 2012

Hopefully everyone didn’t think that I perished under a pile of vintage Life magazines last week, as I know it was awfully quiet here on the site. In fact I was doing A  LOT of organizing at Retro Roadmap HQ (including finding handwritten and dot-matrix printed notes from as far back as 1995 which are the dead sea scrolls of Retro Roadmap – I promise to share them with you- talk about a trip down memory lane about another trip down memory lane!)

In any case, just to tickle your tastebuds here are some of the places / things you’ll be seeing on Retro Roadmap comin’ up:

  • Our trip to Buffalo New York – talk about tastebuds! Can you say Sponge Candy and Beef-on-Weck? Nom!
  • Our visit to the Jello museum – watch it wiggle, see it jiggle…
  • Connecticut visits where we had the cheesiest cheeseburgers, and learned about the history of the radio and other cool vintage technology.
  • Speaking of vintage technology – I promise to clue everyone in on the wonderful things to discover at the Victrola Museum in Dover DE
  • We had a delightful visit to Jimmy Kramer’s Peanut Bar just up the road in Reading PA – pull up a bar stool and we’ll fill you in!
  • Boston, if you please, Massachusetts! We only had a short jaunt home for the holidays, but GOSH what we crammed into one day out with the Retro Roadkids:
    • The Larz Anderson Auto Museum (I remember going there when I was a kid!)
    • Ice cream sundaes at Cabot’s
    • A Retro Roadmap Revisit to the (now “Deluxe”) Town Diner in Watertown (hadn’t been there since the 90’s myself)
    • An inspiring visit to Irving’s Brookline toy shop run by Ethel Weiss (she’s 97!)
    • Our vintage-inspired shopping binge at Buckaroo Mercantile
    • And a way overdue clue-you-in on a hidden tiki gem in a Newton MA strip mall.

I know, it’s A LOT, but I’m committed to continually finding, sharing and celebrating these cool old places – before it’s too late!


Happy New Year everyone!

Mod Betty


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