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Retro Roadmap Helper-Outer – Thanks Dana McGill-Perez of Mid2Mod!

Posted on: March 20, 2012

Just wanted to do a Retro Roadmap Thank You to fellow Retroblogger Dana McGill-Perez who was kind enough to help me through some of the probs she was having with my site a few weeks ago.

Mid2Mod Dallas TX

She’s a retro blogger at Mid2Mod “a  blog for retrophiles, devotes of all things mid century modern – and cool people in general” and also a mid-century modern selling gal, at her same named Mid2Mod shop in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas, Texas.

She’s also that kind of gal who has your back, even if you don’t know her personally!

It’s like when a total stranger discreetly lets you know that the  tag from dress is flipped up against your neck, or the time I rushed over to a lady in a store to let her know that her skirt was all tucked up in her pantyhose top! You do it in the hopes that someone will be watching your back as well.

Thanks a bunch for watching my back, Dana – and best of luck with your shop’s new location!