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Mod Betty is Massachusetts Bound – for a Retro Roadhusband aka Cliff Hillis Gig!

Posted on: November 15, 2012

Spread the news around, I’m Massachusetts bound!

Yes, I know we just got back not 72 hours ago from our Atlanta trip, but when the road calls, we answer!


As I’ve probably mentioned before, but it bears repeating, Retro Roadhusband is – in real life- musician Cliff Hillis, and he’s got a gig in Somerville on Saturday night (come on out if you’re in the area!)

(Here he is wearing his Retro Roadmap tee on stage with 2 rockin pals – Eric Bazilian and Richard Bush!)

We’ll also be visiting the fam, and hanging with the Retro Roadkids, with a Retro Roadmap ADVENTURE planned of course!

Retro Roadkids at the Miss Worcester Diner(ADVENTURE!!!!)

In the meantime, this song is – as usual- going through my head. Join me, won’t you? I’ve provided the lyrics below:

Boston – If You Please – Massachusetts – Anita O’Day

When the porter yells Massachusetts
I’ll be there with bells, Massachusetts
Homesick as can be, Massachusetts
Only place for me, Massachusetts
Got a special date
With that New England State

How my heart will knock, Massachusetts
To see Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts
Want to roam around, Massachusetts
In Nantucket town, Massachusetts
I can hardly wait
I hope the train ain’t late

You can’t guess how much it means for me to be there
Childhood friends and childhood scenes for me to see there

`Neath blue skies above, Massachusetts
With the one I love, Massachusetts
Just like Jack and Jill, Massachusetts
We’ll climb Bunker Hill, Massachusetts
Spread the news around
I’m Massachusetts bound

As you walk to Lexington, you think of glory
When those minute men were done, they left a story

Where they speak with ee’s, Massachusetts
Boston if you pleese, Massachusetts
Where they can’t say can’t, Massachusetts
And where Aunt meets Aunt, Massachusetts
Spread the news around
I’m Massachusetts, Massachusetts bound!

2 responses to "Mod Betty is Massachusetts Bound – for a Retro Roadhusband aka Cliff Hillis Gig!"

  1. Daryl Nov 16, 2012 at 05:06

    Betty – I’m restoring a 1950 O’Mahoney Diner that is in storage in Salisbury, MA and re-opening it as a traditional diner in Portsmouth, NH. Let me know when you’re in the North Shore / Seacoast area, I’d love to have you guys take a tour!

    • Mod Betty Nov 16, 2012 at 08:33

      Sounds like a plan Daryl! Thanks for letting me/us know!