Month: February 2013

Feb 28
[CLOSED] Easy Peasy Retro Finds Off Route 70 Frederick MD — Barbara Fritchie Restaurant

January 2018 Update: I’ve been notified that the Barbara Fritchie Restaurant is…

Feb 16
Nothing Finer Than Breakfast in a Diner

Especially on a cold and rainy winter morn in southern DE. Doyle’s Diner,…

Feb 14
Happy Vintage Valentines Day Everyone!

I LOVE that you choo-choo-choose Retro Roadmap as one of your vintage retro internet…

Feb 12
American Treasure Tour March 10, 2013 – Retro Roadmap Roundup Reminder!

Retro Roadmap Readers – lets get together! Sunday March 10, 1pm – 3pm at…


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