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Retro Roadmap Roadbooks

A series of travel guides/journals featuring Mod Betty’s favorite “Cool Vintage Places and Retro Fun”
for YOU or someone you love!

Retro Roadmap Roadbook Philadelphia Suburbs Delaware Retro Roadmap

Now available:

  • The City of Philadelphia (Including Center City, Old City, South Philly and North of Vine)
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania Suburbs (Including Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties) NOW in its 2nd printing!!
  • DelawareLimited printing, less than30 copies remain, will not be reprinted.

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Note to Mod Betty:

Retro Roadmap  Roadbooks are not just your standard travel guides!

Mod Betty has included some features she’s always wanted in a printed travel book but never could find…until now! These details make your Retro Roadbooks easy to use AND help you transform the book into your one-of-a-kind personalized travel journal – a keepsake filled with your memories of the fun you had on your Retro Roadmap adventures!

Each Retro Roadmap Roadbook Contains:

Information and photos of cool vintage places for you to visit:

  • To Eat
  • To Do
  • To Shop
  • To Stay


Space for you to write your road trip memories, discoveries, faves and finds:
Retro Roadmap Roadbook - Delaware - My Visit

The List – checklist to easily keep track of where you’ve been, and where you want to go:
Retro Roadmap Roadbook - Delaware - The List

Mobile-friendly QR code to get Google Map directions to each spot:
Retro Roadmap Roadbook - Delaware - Scan The Stamp


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Get your Retro Roadbook today and start your own Retro Roadmap adventure!


Select Your Roadbook:
Would you like it autographed?
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Note to Mod Betty: