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Mod Betty Interviewed by Betty Magazine [U.K. Love for U.S. Retro Roadtrips!]

Posted on: July 7, 2014

A Twitter pal kindly reminded me of the nice chat I had with the Bettys over at Betty Magazine UK = and how great is it that the idea of a summer Retro Roadtrip across the US is a worldwide idea of fun*


Here’s the link to the interview – we did it a while ago but nothing much has changed!


*Here’s how I think that the abroad dream of Retro Roadtrips are good for the US  [soapbox alert!]

  • The more visitors from abroad that love the idea of the vintage road trip across the US traveling the back roads means their vacation dollars are spent in the little mom and pops that we hold dear, helping that local economy and thus allowing them to keep in business.
  • Also, the travelers really get an authentic American experience and see what  the US is really like (for better or worse!)  and not just the whitewashed pre-packaged view we often show at chain places pushed to tourists.
  • Finally – tourism and people visiting the US is something we can’t outsource to other countries, so the more people who want to travel the back roads, the more jobs that are here in the US supporting that! I can’t help but think it’s a win-win all round 🙂 [/soapbox]

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