[RIP] Center Diner Peekskill NY – Since 1939!

Sadly reported closed in 2020, according to Google, Yelp, https://peekskillherald.blog/2020/01/16/center-diner-closed-while-owner-recovers/


Original 2016 Post:

Mod Betty is hunkered down during a snowstorm but dreaming of the hearty and inexpensive diner breakfast she recently had at Peekskill NY’s Center Diner.

Center Diner Peekskill NY Retro Roadmap

According to my trusty resource book Diners of New York  this diner is a rare 1939 National brand diner. The original speckled porcelain enamel tiles on the exterior had been covered over at one point, but revealed during a renovation during the 1990s.

Open every day from 6am to 10pm the diner serves standard diner fare, but we were looking forward to a real “diner breakfast” as it was quite chilly out!

Center Diner Peekskill NY Retro Roadmap

For out-of-towners like us it was great to see such a variety of folks enjoying the diner. From dreadlocked gentleman engaged conversation with his boothmate to the younger couple with baby in stroller, to the patron who walked in proffering a bright red pointsetta as a gift to the diner. All of us were brought together at that moment in the hug of the curved diner roof.

Center Diner Peekskill NY Retro Roadmap

Our waitress was friendly, and breakfast was delicious – and a DEAL.

See all that food on my plate and the toast alongside?

Center Diner Peekskill NY Retro Roadmap

Five Dollars And Fifty Cents.

Seriously. For all that food.

I’m sure folks have spent more than that for a fancy coffee drink at a national chain-!

Center Diner Peekskill NY Retro Roadmap

Being an authentic vintage diner (over 75 years old!) not everything is sparkling and new, including the “facilities” (Mod B feels it’s only right she should alert you that they could use “a good scrub”)

However the art deco/ Q-bert tile entryway outside of them is op-art-tastic! Similar to the tilework in the White Mana in Jersey City, also built in the 1930s!

Center Diner Peekskill NY Retro Roadmap

The Center Diner is not the only Retro Roadmap worthy or interesting spot we spied in Peekskill, so when you’re in town don’t forget to note:

The streamlined deco shape of the sign just across the street from the diner looks to me like it used to be from a Woolworths – they can’t disguise it by making it a different color!

Peekskill NY used to be a Woolworths

Just around the bend is the Paramount Hudson Valley Theatre.

Center Diner Peekskill NY Retro Roadmap

Built in 1930 as a movie house, it now welcomes a wide variety of live shows and music.

And lastly – a “regional lexicon” note of interest that was sparked by this pizza joint sign I saw as we were taking a left hand turn out of town:

WEDGES? Wedges!

Center Diner Peekskill NY Retro Roadmap

According to this article from Bon Appetit, wedge is what folks in Westchester County NY (and neighboring Fairfield County, CT) call a sub (or a hoagie, grinder, po-boy etc.)  So now you know!

All this and more is why you should not bypass Peekskill NY on your next jaunt along the Hudson River!

Center Diner Peekskill NY Mod Betty Retro Roadmap

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